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Imagine if mobile billboards could move people around, talk, make people laugh, and hold the attention of a captive audience for 5- 10 minutes at a time. Oh, wait… they can! Thanks to our team of pedicab pros, when you wrap a pedicab you aren’t just branding the cab, you’re creating an interactive advertising experience that’s brought to life by our drivers. Kween Cab offers fully customized pedicab wraps, half wraps, and advertising signage panels to deliver brand messaging in the locations you want your brand to be seen.


We’ve got enough energy to drive the cab and your brand messaging so why not deck our drivers out in your brand’s apparel too? For added visual impact, pedicab drivers may be fitted with T‐shirts and various types of apparel provided by the sponsor. To add an additional layer of personality and depth to the customerʼs impression of your brand, drivers may be tasked with an assignment such as a brand pitch, promotional material distribution, or product/service sign ups and registrations. Let's take it to the next level!


Free/Dedicated ride campaigns provide the greatest opportunity for a positive impression. In this case the brand pays a set hourly rate per driver, and the drivers provide free rides on behalf of the brand. This in unison with an effective brand pitch, promotional material distribution, and a visually captivating mobile billboard activation makes for the most effective branding opportunity Kween Cab has to offer its clients.

Promotional Material
Distribution Accessories

Kween Cab can transport passengers while being your brand’s hype squad. The Kween Cab street team can hand out flyers, shwag, and any promotional items that make your campaign more effective. We can customize the timing, location, and method of promotional material distribution so that it's exactly what your brand needs to be noticed.


Over 15 years of experience and passion!

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